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    Thanks for checking out my site!

    So, a little about me...

    I've always been a people-person with an original career in social work, but photography has been my creative outlet throughout my life. I'm at my best - most energetic, creative and comfortable - with a camera in my hand.

    My interest began with photographing my perspective and surroundings, but somewhere along the way I realized the value in photographing people, as opposed to just places and things. After shooting weddings for seven years in Dallas, I found myself a student of architectural photography in Mid-Michigan. While I still love photographing the occasional wedding, my focus is now more on commercial projects, musicians, singles and infants.

    After experiencing so many aspects of photography, I remain honored to be chosen to photograph people, events and projects which will become immortalized in images.

    While photography might be my second career, it is my original passion.

    Please feel free to 99,111,110,116,97,99,116,32,109,101em tcatnoc for any of your photo needs.


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The Non-Traditional Corporate Headshot

Meet Melissa.  Super fun, super smart children’s book author and amazing speaker.  Melissa was in the market for new headshots and we had a lot of fun coming up with some not-so-corporate looks for her!  With social media carrying the importance that it does, and companies are certainly more casual than they were in the past, I think the “new” corporate headshot is what everyone needs!


Welcome to my photographic journey!

I believe all of our experiences in life bring us to the place we are right now.

I want to take this opportunity to show you where I am right now on my journey in photography, and mention a few places I’ve been.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to photograph families, children, numerous weddings and couples, commercial projects, extremely talented musicians, the mountains of Northern Norway, the ruins of Macchu Picchu and so much more.  I’ve taken workshops and classes from some of my photographic heroes and believe that this journey will always be an ongoing learning process.

My current photographic focus remains in a few areas, showcased on my site, with some samples below:  Infant Photography, Corporate Headshots, Promotional Photography for Musicians and Small Business Owners, as well as Commercial Projects.  While I’m honestly comfortable learning about and photographing any subject, this is what I’ve been up to, and will continue to focus on in the near future.

My lofty goal is to blog weekly on different topics, but this is an intro so you can get a feel for my work, for where I am on my photographic journey, and what photography (Light + Life) means to me.